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kensegryph The term "underrated gem" is thrown around quite a bit in the music industry, but no band is more deserving of that title than Bats. They are without a doubt the most unique listening experience you'll have in all of the modern post hardcore/math rock scene. Every album is a treat and I literally can not pick a favorite, let alone a favorite track of Alter Nature. I sincerely hope the world doesn't have to wait 7 years for the next release again. Bats, and Alter Nature, are 10 out of fucking 10
Maxrock thumbnail
Maxrock Love every chord that BATS stab. Favorite track: The Call Of Cthulhu.
detectivedan thumbnail
detectivedan I'm in love with this album. BATS are doing some of the most creative stuff out there right now. There is so much variety and so many different sounds to get lost in. This is only bolstered by fantastic production and mixing. If you're looking for something trippy, weird, and unique this is a must listen. Favorite track: Ergot.
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allintospace Oh boy, here we go!
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No cause for alarm. 1,1,1. The data are in! Sound the alarm! Doubt within the field. Hark unto the code. Don't believe the scale? Feast upon the fruits. We can conclude that information is true. We have our proof, interrogation of nature. We have our ways, we can predict shit! (precisely) We have our ways, land of the quantum. Now build it. If intelligence really is just information processing, and we continue to make our machines and improve… Then we all place our fates in the dance of the circuits. All that we know now for sure… Superintelligence is born. But the dangers creating this being are plenty. So we just air-gap the room and we call it contained. We will summon the demon. What will we build? How will we build it? What do we know? How do we know? How should we live? How shall we die? Is it contained? Is it alive? We will summon the demon.
I just woke up today with this pain in my body. The meat screaming deep in my leg. With a tumour the size of a grapefruit. Could it be that we might need some help? No, no, no, no! And my parents deny that I'll die without doctors. And the power to heal's in my head. But the kneeling's not healing my bedsores. And the bleeding continues unchecked. No, no, no, no! Quiet your mind. It's god's will you suffer in pain kid. Helpless in health. It's god's will we suffer in pain! Christian science.
In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. Some terror in the swishing grass was added to the sound of the pounding sea. And I started up crying aloud and disjointedly - "Tiger! Tiger!" Some terror drifted in betwixt the folding arms of cryptic night. Some terror scratched beneath the floorboards of that foetid rented room. Behold! Star-wind. Madness. Suffering. Great Old One. Some terror took me in its breast beneath the looming gibbous moon. Some terror led me to a blackness darker than the sea. “Now flee!” "The end is near. I hear a noise at the door, as if some immense slippery body lumbering against it. It shall not find me! That hand! The window!" They are cutting a window. Here on this placid isle. Black seas of infinity. Cruel is the universe. Tending to disarray. Ending in deeper sleep. When the stars are right... We will call Him! We will call Him from His deep dream. “Hark! He rises…”
Old Hitler 04:26
It doesn't matter now. Yes I'm alive. We are adrift. We have delivered the bomb. We are the men who've delivered the bomb. Blood is the shade of the waves as the day is done. (Carries the scent for miles and miles.) Come now hold tight, we must fight until the night has run. (We surely all shall die and die.) I saw a shape as it slipped through the waves. Oh no. I saw a mass as it passed in the deep below. And the air is filled with screaming death. The widow-maker and his gaping maw. “What shall we call him?” “What does he say?” "I am the hammer and you are my nails on high.” Save our souls because we are drowning. In this blood. "Up from the deep. Up from the deep whence I dream of your flesh. Rising to feed. Feeling my way through an ocean of blood. Red is the shade of my world and your face frozen in fear. Feeling the beat of your heart in my skin. Virtue or sin. Ampullae! Ampullae! Voltage is king. I am the last of my kind."
I am the one who cuts the genes. I am the one behind the screen. I am the master of the protein. I have the power over guanine. We ride the wind upon the 9. (Stay, feel, real deal.) We tie it in upon a lie. (Stay, See, Be free.) We do remove, improve the new and replace it. (A,G,C,T) We use our tools and do our best to escape it. Cut it right out. Fooling the cell, target the zone. Fooling the cell, of blood or bone. But did he want it in his pocket when he fought a patent war? And did she win it in a minute from the liars in the court? They know. Shepherds we are, Shepherds we are. Target the zone, Cut and repair. So cut your jeans and learn to fight. Don't cut your hair, disarm a man. Remove the eyes and take a stab. The time is right, don’t say a thing until we pronounce the CRISPR King!
Ergot 03:26
Let's reap the wheat and feed on the grain. Let's grind it up using the power of wind. Let's reap the wheat. It's got manganese. Loose smut and common bunt among its diseases. I am strong and proud. Iron is my friend. Penance I accrue. Fear. I've a heart of fear. Evil's all around. Satan's in the field. Stalk the streets by night. I am in a field. Nature's all around. Look upon the deer. Eat. Be thy spasms unto you. You go home. You go straight down. Murder! We find you guilty.
Dyson Sphere 06:06
Type 1: Hot blood. Type 2: Cool heads. Type 3: You built it. You want it all, you got it all. You broke it down like Ganymede. You put it up, you pulled it off. A mega-feast of energy. The next ten minutes (Chasing shadows) The next ten minutes (Mega-structure) The next ten minutes Tell me, haven't you died yet? Computer have they died yet? (Drawing power) Computer have they died yet? (Cased in diamond) And sooner we have time yet. (All encompass) And sooner we'll make time yet. (No more crisis) Look at this timeline. Listen as hounds bay. Haven't you died yet? Computer have they died yet? (Drawing power) Computer have they died yet? (Made with passion) And sooner will we die yet? (Delving deeply) Computer have we died yet? (Alter nature) Where are you? Drawing power. Radiator. Make decisions. Use precision. Alter nature.
Cells divide. Master planning Arcane future. Walls will shed. Family planning. Nature. Make a mark. I will process. You can not have control. Fear the zygote. The birth canal is barred. The way is shut! Your flesh is just not your concern. My mitosis. You brandish your morals as if they were done from the heart. Take a knife. These beasts are arcane. Go forth and be fruitful you maggots. And lest they all spoil, Do not spare the rod on the fruit. Take a life. Save a life. Run along. Write it down. Raise it up.
Hey! Let me tell you about power. Two men at war. Hey man, let me tell you about war son. Those men at war. Hey! Let's just talk about power, and the death it's wrought. Hey man, let's just talk about war son. Those men that fought. Bitter! "I have a plan and the people will choose when it's done." Topsy! "How about this beast? Come slay this dragon with the sentence we've handed down. (Step right up) How about this switch? Come feel this current and the feeling of witnessing death. Ditch-digging fool Nicola Tesla, and his current leads you to doom. Flowing both ways, killer and menace. Demonstrated by elephant death." Thomas! Slaughter the beast for the crowd. Power! Alternate please for the crowd. Slaughter the beast for the power.


BATS third studio album and first release in 7 years!


released October 10, 2019


Noel Anderson
Conor McIntyre
Timmy Moran
Rupert Morris
Craig Potterton

Recorded and engineered in August 2018 by Rían Trench and Robert Watson (AKA Deaf Brothers) at The Meadow, Co. Wicklow.

Produced by BATS and Deaf Brothers.

Guest Vox:

Matt Hedigan -‘Old Hitler & Family Planning’
Patrick Kelleher -‘In The Court Of The CRISPR King’
Ronan Jackson -‘Dyson Sphere & Family Planning’
Lizzie Fitzpatrick -‘Ergot & The Call Of Cthulhu’
Sam Burton -‘The Call Of Cthuhu’

Additional Musicians:

Space Guitar- Vin McCreith
Saxophone- Pete Fraser
Amorphous interlude – Bryan Robson & Cian Walker

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NYC

Album Artwork by Craig Potterton

Images courtesy of NASA

Special thanks to Michele & Cody James, Louise & Ellie, Chelsey, Claire, Frances and the rest of our family & friends. Extra special thanks to our Kickstarter supporters who made this possible. You know who you are.


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